Social Media Mining

Social Media Mining

Social Media Mining – We live in an age of big data. With hundreds of millions of peoples pending countless hours on social media to share, communicate, connect, interact, and create user-generated data at an unprecedented rate,social media has become one unique source of big data. This novel source of rich data provides unparalleled opportunities and great potential for research and development. Unfortunately, more data does not necessarily beget more good, only more of the right (or relevant) data that enables us to glean gems. Social media data differs from traditional data we are familiar with in data mining. Thus, new computational methods are needed to mine the data. Social media data is noisy, free-format, of varying length, and multimedia. Furthermore,social relations among the entities,or social networks,for man in separable part of social media data;hence,it is important that social theories and research methods be employed with statistical and data mining methods. It is therefore a propitious time for social media mining.

نام کتاب: Social Media Mining
تعداد صفحات: ۳۸۲
نویسندگان: Reza Zafarani, Mohammad Ali Abbasi, Huan Liu

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